You’ll Do It Because I Say So!

Bush at a Cattlemen’s Convension(Stephen Crowley-The New York Times)

Does that ever work? The Senate passed a bill yesterday that will link emergency funding for Iraq and Afghanistan to a withdrawal timetable (beginning 120 days from the bill becoming law, and final withdrawal by March 2008). What is buried past the headlines is that it is another NONBINDING RESOLUTION. But, Bush is vowing to veto it anyway.


3 Responses to You’ll Do It Because I Say So!

  1. Tina says:

    Senator Hagel summed up the situation in Iraq in the most strait forward way that I have seen.

    There will not be a military solution to Iraq,” Mr. Hagel declared. “Iraq belongs to the 25 million Iraqis who live there. It doesn’t belong to the United States. Iraq is not a prize to be won or lost.”

  2. t.a. says:

    Thanks, mom. Here’s the link if anyone is interested in Hagel’s full comments.

  3. Gary Smith says:

    So, what’s the point of yet another non binding resolution? Bush will veto it and then what? The Dems will give him the money. Period.

    The House and Senate are allowing Bush to continue to murder human beings (illegallly, by the way). The House for another year and a half and the Seante for a year. This is disgusting.

    Kucinich said on Democracy Now ( Wednesday that the presidential budget calls for over $100 billion for the war and that another bill adds monies till 2009. Basically, Bush will have monies to continue the war through the end of his presidency (will there be an end?).

    The only way to end the war is cut off the funds. Period.

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